• Strange Audio Dreams

A1. Error Design #1
A2. Error Design #2
B1. Error Design #1 (NHK yx Koyxen Remix)
B2. Error Design #1 (Cardopusher Remix)


"Kohei Matsunaga's illustration on the sleeve of Strange Audio Dreams' debut, for upstart Turin label art-aud, shows several faces intersecting with fleshy surfaces and thin, Escher-esque boxes. The routes that Error Design take aren't quite as circuitous as the line drawing, but it delights in odd detours. On "Error Design #1," a moody synth sequence is fused with a breakbeat canter and engines that either purr steadily or zip on by. "Error Design #2" takes a different path to find the same mood: a slightly dystopian yet wistful setting, soaked in an ambient bath of soft white noise and obscure film dialogue about a desire to "talk in Technicolor."The two remixes of "Error Design #1" are somewhat straighter, Cardopusher's especially. His take on the original winds the synth more tightly and swaps the dreamy breakbeat for a stiffer Chicago house frame. It quickly gets to where it's going, but the trip could've been more interesting. NHK'Koyxen's remix supersedes the wanderlust of "Error Design #1" and gives the drums some weirder pieces to juggle. Lo-fi bleeps roll across the track like a dropped bag of marbles, and a crude buzzing sound weaves in and out of the well-organized mess. " 

Resident Advisor


"The Secret Rave / Art-Aud guys come with a slamming follow up. Break beat driven tracks with different characters. Starting with a steady raving cut and going to more chill out vibes with the 2nd. Very mid90's UK vibes. On the flip its a great adventurous nhk yx koyxen remix worth the purchase already! Topping the package of with a solid Cardopusher mix. Comes in a nice cover with some amazing drawing. Hot stuff!! " 



"G-23 makes his debut under the Strange Audio Dreams moniker, coming through on Italy's young Art-Aud label with a sweltering two-tracker backed by two heavy remixes. "Error Design 1" is a break-driven jam that never truly drops into pool of nastiness, leaving you yearning more, while "Error Design 2" strips the beats in favour of glitchy field recordings and percussion-driven drones. Pan's NHK YX Koyxen remixes the former into a wonky bit of brain dynamite, pushing those breaks in and out his melodic waves, Cardopusher makes a deep techno roll out of the same original tune. All in all, a rather essential piece of gear." 





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release date:2015-07
format:12", digital
info:327 ltd 180gr. black vinyls. full printed cardboard. artwork by kohei matsunaga