• Secret Rave

A1. Untitled 01
A2. Untitled 02
B1. Untitled 02 (Rivet Remix)
B2. G-23 - Rhythm Sticks (Secret Rave Mix)


This EP, first installment of the SECRET RAVE series and our first release, comes from a mysterious guy with two untitled tracks on the a-side that have the intention to open the project and marking guidelines and sounds that you will hear on the whole series. On the b-side you find the remix of the track "Untitled 02" by the swedish artist Rivet and the "Secret Rave Mix" of "Rhythm Sticks" by G-23, originally released on London based label No Logo, done by the same author of the two originals. 

The graphic of SECRET RAVE 01 is composed with a photo by Molly Macindoe. Heavily influenced by her father, a world traveller and architect, and her mother, a university lecturer and author, she developed a love for international travel and visited many faraway places – documenting the many diverse cultures she encountered. However, her attention was always drawn back to the free party community and, since 1997, she has participated in and documented the underground scene. Also she has already released a book called "Out Of Order" that is the culmination of ten years of work and a photographic celebration of the free party scene.





release date:2015-01
format:12", digital
info:300 ltd transparent vinyls. hand stamped, hand numbered with 60x30cm folded photo insert